Soooooo I was totally sucked-in by a Sparta Nutrition facebook ad a couple months ago. The ad showed photos of my favorite cereals next to a large tub of protein powder. I’m so over the traditional chocolate and chocolate variants found in most health food stores. A fruit loops cereal inspired protein powder that is also keto-friendly seemed like a total win. So I ordered 5 different flavors because I couldn’t choose between all the thirst-quenching flavors - loopy fruits, cinna crunch, jacked apples, krunchy krisp, and blueberry muffin. Since at the time they were having some dope Black Friday deals, I went ahead and ordered a couple of their pre-workouts and BCAAs to try. I rarely go all-in on based on a facebook ad but oooooh man I’m so happy I did. Every single one of the flavors was on point and only made me wish I had ordered all the damn flavors. I’ve been hitting the gym quite frequently so I’m sure I can destroy 30lbs of protein powder in no time lol. My absolute favorite flavor also happens to be the one that caught my eye in the news feed - LOOPY FRUITS. This stuff taste just like a fruit loops cereal milk. After a hard workout, I find the flavor much more palatable than a rich chocolate flavor. However on evenings when I want a dessert flavored protein, KRUNCHY KRISP is on point! The stuff taste just like a blended up kit kat bar - which happens to be my favorite candy. All in all the flavors from Sparta Nutrition are absolutely delicious and the ingredients are also clearly labeled and keto-friendly. If you need to pick up some whey protein powder, pre-workout, or BCAAs, I highly recommend giving Sparta Nutrition a try.

Here is a link to the very best Sparta Nutrition discount code so you can try at a reduced cost:

Let me know if you give it a try and which was your favorite flavor!

PROTEINJustin Bravo